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5 Empowering Fengshui tips for kids' rooms

Find out how to use Fengshui in your kids’ room to create a cozy space that promotes sleep, happiness and harmony. 

Before getting started...

We recommend a quick decluttering and energy clearing to remove any negativity in the air.

Consider diffusing Palo Santo, Cypress, Purification or Release to cleanse the space of negative energy. This will ensure that you have a fresh foundation on which to harmonize the bedroom's Qi (life force energy).

Here are 6 simple Fengshui bedroom ideas that you can easily incorporate into your child’s space.

Correct bed placement

Position the bed so there is a solid wall behind it and your child can see the door from his or her bed easily.

Also make sure your child’s bed doesn’t share a wall with a toilet as this can cause health problems.

Create relationship harmony and happiness in your child’s bedroom

A photo of the whole family is helpful for creating loving bonds with the child for his or her family.

Create a space for study and accomplishments.

To encourage academic progress and achievement, create an achievement corner in the south sector of the bedroom.

Display achievement certificates, awards, trophies, ribbons, or other special items, such as tests with good scores or letters from teachers there.

Doing so reinforces that you are proud of your child’s efforts and builds up their personal positivity.

Using feng shui for self-confidence

and character building

Fill their room with images or quotes that truly uplift and support them.

No sad, lonely or aggressive images, dying or dead leaves, etc.

Clear clutter so your child can rest and be creative

Cluttered rooms can create unhappy kids.

Areas that are stuffed full of knickknacks, toys and items can exert unnecessary excess pressure and cause mental block.

A simple solution is to make sure everything has a place. Use lots of covered boxes or baskets so you and your child can do a quick, clean sweep at day’s end.


When the children is still young, it is up to the parents to decide the Fengshui setup of their bedroom. As they grow older, while trying to improve the Fengshui, make sure to respect their wishes too.

After all, it is still more important to maintain a harmonious relationship with your children.