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5 Fengshui Tips For BTO Selection You Can’t Ignore in Singapore

Buying a good Fengshui house is everyone’s dream and desire. The housing cost keeps rising and buying HDB BTO flats also comes with the minimum occupation period of 5 years regulation. So it is important to choose a good Fengshui house at the start to avoid a costly mistake.

Then again, there is no 100% good Feng Shui house, but we can avoid those absolutely Fengshui no-no units and look for a better one that encourages good Qi.

How do we achieve that?

What is BTO?

BTO (Build-to-Order) is a unique public housing scheme in Singapore.

Interested parties can apply for the scheme but may need to wait for 5 to 6 years for their new HDB flat to be ready. So practically, you cannot view the physical unit since it is still not yet built. Hence, there might be some challenges in selection.

No worries, we got you covered with these 5 Fengshui tips to select a BTO flat.

Look Around The Exterior of Your House

You should take the surrounding amenities into consideration to avoid choosing a unit with bad Fengshui.

If possible, don’t choose units that are near to the electrical substation, bin centre and expressway.

Look Outside Your Unit

Is the unit going to have a decently unblocked frontage? An unblocked frontage invites advancement opportunities while a blocked view doesn't.

Hence, the safer bet is to avoid selecting units that are facing inward.

Check the Floorplan

Since there is no physical unit to view, we can only choose the unit based on the floor plan.

Always choose a unit with regular shape like squarish or rectangular because it will minimise the missing sector problem.

Missing sectors may be harmful for the flow of ‘!i’, or energy throughout the house.

No Toilet or Kitchen in The Northwest of The House

Avoid units with kitchen or toilets at the Northwest sector of the house.

Northwest sector rules the luck of the father and breadwinners. With the kitchen or toilet there, it may affect the luck, career, health and wealth of the father and breadwinners.

Is the Highest Level the Best

Usually the water tanks are located on the rooftop and directly above the ceiling of the highest level units.

Energetically, it can negatively affect the units and causing mental disturbances like hallucinations, sleeping issues or worse, depression.

Hence, please check for the water tanks if you really wish to go for the highest level.


With these 5 Fengshui tips, you will be in better position than others to avoid selecting units with negative Fengshui.

It is certainly always better to have a unit with average or excellent Fengshui than one that requires patches/remedies later.