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6 Must Know Fengshui Tips For Shoe Cabinet

Shoe rack or cabinet is one of the essential furniture in every home. It is mostly placed outside of the main door or inside of the home near the entrance.

Sometimes, footwears are lined up near the main door, and since footwear is an essential part of our life style, we must be careful to take care of the Fengshui do’s and don’ts for storing footwear and placement of shoe rack/cabinet.

About Shoe Cabinet Fengshui

Health | Wealth | Growth | Peace

According to Fengshui’s beliefs, there are certain placements, arrangements, and even shoe rack heights that may have a negative impact on your household.

With that in mind, here are some of the most widely-known and unknown Feng Shui taboos when it comes to shoe racks.

Shoe Cabinet at the Front Entrance

Qi enters the house through the front entrance. A messy front entrance basically blocks the flow of Qi.

So, at least ensure the shoe cabinet or rack is kept neat, tidy and free of clutter.

Take note, the rack itself contains dirty items. This means allowing it to accumulate dust will only suggest the idea of double bad luck.

Open or Enclosed

Get an enclosed shoe cabinet as it would keep shoes hidden from view and is also able to contain any smell from the shoes.

The cabinet can trap the bad energy when it is closed. But make sure it has an opening or proper ventilation, too.

Shoe cabinet in bedroom

Keeping footwear or a shoe cabinet in the bedroom is a bad choice. This is because the negative energy field of the shoes has a significant impact on bedroom Fengshui and it could affect marriage or relationship with people.

Positioning of Shoes

To avoid the bad Qi pointing directly at you whenever you open the lid of an enclosed shoe rack, position the shoes facing inwards.

Stinky and dirty shoes must be placed right at the bottom of the shoe rack to contain the smell underneath.

The Chinese believe that it is bad luck when you open a shoe rack and a piece of pointed toe box point footwear is facing you. They say that it is a sign that you may develop a prolonged period of ill health. The pointed toe box symbolizes the fire element, which causes plenty of illnesses and health degeneration.

Wearing shoes into the house

It is important to never wear shoes into the home.

The custom of removing shoes before entering a home is a mark of respect for the household.

Shoes are worn to many places with different Fengshui energy outside. If you had been to some area with bad Fengshui, there is a high possibility of you bringing those Fengshui energy back to your home.

So, it is better to keep your shoes in the shoe cabinet facing inward then to bring them indoors.

Best Sector for the Shoe Cabinet/Rack

If the entrance happens to be at the North or South sector of the house, then having a shoe cabinet or rack at the entrance may affect the Fengshui.

If there is no choice but to be there, then use white color for the shoe cabinet/rack.

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Even though the shoe cabinet is small, its Fengshui effect can be considerable. So don't let the small shoe cabinet breaks the Fengshui in your home.