Yeo Khoon Leong - Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author

5 Things Fengshui Experts Want You to Throw Out Right Now

Is the good energy flowing in your home and promoting wealth, happiness and success? If you’re making any of the following mistakes, the answer is no.

Setting yourself up for success

Fengshui is the practice of arranging items in a space to promote the maximum possible flow of positive energy, otherwise known as Qi.

It’s easy to disrupt the Qi, and when you do that, things can go very wrong.

Here are 5 tips what might be blocking the vital Qi in your own home and what you need to do to make things a whole lot better very quickly.

Get rid of clutter everywhere

Clutter fosters stagnant energy.

A clutter-free home allows the positive energy to flow freely. Decluttering helps to remove blockages from your life that stop the flow of energy to you and everything you enjoy.

Of course, you can’t—and shouldn’t—get rid of everything, but you do need a strategy for storing it.

Remove artwork with the wrong message

Artwork is an extension of who we are or what we desire.

What you display is what you are inviting to show up in your life. That’s why it’s smart to be selective what you put on display.

For example, if you are single and looking for partner, avoid ‘singular object’ pictures. If you are looking to start a family, choose pictures with kids or groups in them.

Always select pieces that contribute to the overall energy of the space. Look for things that are uplifting and light.

Avoid displaying depressing artwork (eg: depictions of wars or storms), as negative depictions generate negative energy.

Fix broken items

Damaged items are bad when it comes to Fengshui, but broken ones are worse. Why?

Broken things carry the energy of being broke and having diminished financial energy. They also carry the energy of injuries and surgeries.

So either you fixed them or discard them.

Replace withered or dying plants

Healthy plants exude vitality and enhance the good Qi throughout your space. But withered or dying plants bring down your home’s energy. They’re also depressing to look at, isn't it?

To keep your plants healthy, consider a self-watering planter, which is perfect for those without a green thumb.

Keep the entrance clear

You know all the stuff that has a tendency to accumulate near the front, coats, bags, backpacks, kiddie sports gear—we could go on, but why bother?

It’s important to clear it if you want good Qi flow in your house. The entrance is the mouth into the home. and when it is blocked, it prevents or limits opportunities from entering.

Keeping your main doorway open and unobstructed by moving piles of shoes and clutter out of the way, increases the flow of energy, which can positively influence income and relationships.


Always ask yourselves what your items whisper to you. Do they nag you or poison your mood or do they validate and comfort you?