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8 Fengshui tips for the bedroom

Let's talk about how to Fengshui your bedroom and get 90% of the benefits with just about 10% of the effort.

About Bedroom Fengshui

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There are many ways to improve the positive energy flow in your bedroom. By knowing the basic Fengshui bedroom tips to improve your love life, you can have strong and loving relationships in your home.

You can start applying these 8 Tips in your bedroom for a more balanced and romantic life. Enjoy!

Have a good supporting wall behind your bed

Avoid putting your bedhead against the window, because according to Fengshui, you need to have a good supporting wall behind your bed.

Avoid a mirror that faces your bed or a mirrored set of closet doors

This is one of the things that not many people know and we are seeing more and more of them embracing mirrored closet doors.

The Fengshui bedroom rules say that you shouldn’t go for them in order to avoid negative energy.

Refrain from positioning your bed directly under a beam

Don't lie underneath a beam. This can cause illness because the beam is cutting across your body.

Don't Choose Just Any Color Scheme

According to Fengshui best practices, interior colors should be chosen in their relation to Bagua, the energy map of the bedroom.

Each sector within the bedroom has different energetic needs, and not violating those needs promotes harmony between one's physical, spiritual, and psychological selves.

No time for energy mapping? Plain white is a safe bet.

Make sure your bedroom isn’t too cluttered

A cluttered bedroom is full of negative energy.

Negative energy is disempowering energy, alerting you to the fact that all is not well, that there are things that need to be done.

And, persistent clutter in the bedroom can have a profound impact on health because you are being exposed to that negative energy for prolonged periods of time.

Do Have Plenty of Light and Air

You can’t have good Fengshui if the air in your bedroom is stale and polluted. Open up windows to allow good ventilation and to let in fresh air from time to time.

Light is also important, as Fengshui states it’s the strongest manifestation of energy. Natural light is great during the day as they clear stale energy and create a warm and healing atmosphere.

Steer clear of anything that obstructs the entrance

It’s best to keep the entrance to your bedroom clear and unobstructed. Placing something that stands in the way could block the flow of Qi.

When you open the door to the bedroom, the first thing you should see is a clear space near the entrance. There shouldn’t be anything standing in your way.

Don't Use Water as a Decor

Water doesn't rest. It is an active force that moves powerfully, disrupting calm energy as it carves a path through the room.

That means having a fish tank, or even paintings of water should not be placed in the room.


The 8 Fengshui bedroom tips will give your bedroom a better, more positive and flowing energy, so follow them to redecorate your space if it’s not making you feel good.