8 Fengshu Tips to Attract Wealth into the House

The beautiful thing about Fengshui is that when you work with wealth, you attract all sorts of abundance. Check out the best 8 Fengshui tips to attract abundance into your house.


All of us seek wealth in our lives to lead a comfortable life. Wealth can be attained in several forms like financial wealth, opportunities, luck, friendships, and more.

Here are the 8 tips regarding Fengshui for wealth that you should follow daily to achieve the best results.

#1 Create A Wealth Corner

Activating the wealth corner of the room as per Fengshui for wealth would bring in a lot of prosperity to your house.

Wealth corner (also known as money area, money corner or wealth corner) involves the luck in making money of a family or an individual and is a place where the positive energy gathers.

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#2 Activate the Concept of Welcoming Entry

A house’s main door is referred to in Fengshui as the “mouth of qi.”

All the energies like the wealth, resources and opportunities come into your house from the front door. So, you need to activate the welcoming entry.

An entrance should be designed to welcome positive energy. You need to clean the entire area of entry of your house regularly. A clean welcome mat is to be placed for the right flow of resources and energy inside your house. You should also make it a point to walk through the front door at least once every day.

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#3 Maintain A Tip-Top Stove

A stove is a symbol of wealth and resources in Fengshui.

So, you should keep your stove in a tip-top manner. You must ensure that it is always clean and the burners are always in working condition.

This would activate the fire energy in your house, eventually attracting more and more prosperity to your house. 

#4 Place A Laughing Buddha In Your House 

This is a symbol of Fengshui that adds a lot of positive energy to your house and brings in a lot of wealth and abundance.

We all know that a Laughing Buddha is known for his cheerful and happy nature. When placed in the Northwest sector, a Laughing Buddha brings wealth and good luck.

#5 Declutter Unwanted Items

If you want to bring good luck and wealth into your home, don’t hesitate to throw out the things that are no longer needed in your home.

Declutter your space as much as possible and keep only the things that you really think are important. A decluttered space allows good energy to flow through.

#6 Remove All the Broken Things

Any broken or damaged thing inside the home is an energy vampire. It will suck the good energy out of your home!

So if you want to create a good positive energy in your living space, be sure to start by looking around your home for any broken or damaged stuff and taking care of those either by replacing or fixing them.

Also, anything related to plumbing, should be kept in good condition. Otherwise, you might experience a “financial clog”.

#7 Water Your Plants Daily

If the plants are dying, take it as a warning and do something about it. Remember, if you love nature, it will love you back.

You can start with small changes like watering your plants every day, changing the soil.

#8 Create a Prosperity Bowl

One of the decorations you can add into your home is a Prosperity Bowl.

Fill up the prosperity bowl with coins but do not fill up to the brim. Leave a small space so that there is room for more.

When placed in the Northwest sector, a Laughing Buddha brings wealth and good luck.


To attract positive energy and prosperity, keep your house clean and follow the above-mentioned tips. Some tips may show immediate effect, while the others may take some time.