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Feng Shui Mirror Placement – How to do it RIGHT

Most homeowners and interior designers, alike, love to have mirrors in the home and they have lots of creative ideas on ways to maximize its potential. Are you one of them? How much do you know about mirrors? Read on and perhaps, you may have different views about mirrors after that!

Mirror and Fengshui

Mirrors are more than just a tool to check yourself out, they could breathe a new look to your home, enhance the light in a room, or make the space looks larger than it is.


We have seen many creative ideas done by some of our clients, and while we must say the decors were very nicely done with the mirrors, there were hidden ‘time bombs’ if the mirrors are not correctly placed within the house!


In Fengshui, mirrors have many unique abilities. It can double or multiply the energy of an area. It can reflect incoming energy. It can also bounce the incoming energy to its surroundings. Any object with reflective properties should also be treated with the same caution as one should do with a mirror. 


“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein


As with all things, mirror has its unique kind of energy, vibration or frequency, whichever you like to call it! Placing the mirror at the wrong place of the home can potentially create issues to the family members.


Let us share a few of our experiences that we have seen from our clients. After that, we will give you simple rules to follow when planning to place mirror in any area or room 

Case #1 -

Covering the entire wall section with a floor-to-ceiling mirror creating a convincing illusion of a larger space

The moment we stepped into the living room, we couldn't help but notice the large piece mirror on the wall. After taken some measurement, we could tell that the owner's eldest son was very rebellious, strong-headed, always stayed out, seldom at home, and always got in troubles. The owner, who was the mother, was shocked to hear about our razor-sharp assessment and worriedly, asked for remedies.


How could we tell? Well, where the mirror was installed was exactly the sector relating to the eldest son. The mirror's energy was not gelling well with the sector's energy and hence, the eldest son got the direct hit. If his sector is negatively impacted, he would not feel good staying at home and naturally, he would rather stay out!

Case #2

The bomb shelter entrance was an eyesore to the owners and they masked it with mirrored panels

This family kept encountering mishaps of different nature, ranging from business failure, legal issues, accidents, injuries to family disharmony, for as long as they could recall. When we pointed out that the mirrored panels were the 'time bombs' and needed to be defused, the owners initially refuted that they had just shifted in the house a few months ago and the mirrored panels couldn't have been the cause.


After much interactions and explanations, the owners revealed that they had replicated the mirrored panels idea from their previous house and they were shocked to know that Frequencies Follow!

Case #3

Owners conceal the wardrobe and bathroom behind mirrored sliding panels making the entire bedroom look larger, brighter and neater

The mirror was reflecting the bed and facing the bedroom window. We were in a kind of a shock when we entered the bedroom because we knew very well what kind of damage a mirror of that extent could do. True enough, the couple were having some marriage issues, financial challenges and many missed opportunities!

Case #4

Placing a wall mirror behind the bed head

The bedroom was very nicely decorated and it belonged to a couple. When we asked the couple if they had plans to convert from shift work to regular hours work, they were shocked and asked how we knew. "The mirror told us", we replied.  Little did they know that having a mirror at the bed head could also invite troubles at work for the breadwinner too!

Basic Mirror Fengshui Placement Tips and Rules

Think we have said enough about mirrors, though there are more! Let us go through some basic mirror Fengshui placement tips and rules so you can get them right.


We can categorize the tips and rules into 2 broad categories:

Category #1 - Sector Rules

Avoid placing mirror at East, Southeast, Southwest and Northeast sector of every room and liveable space.

Room and liveable space typically includes the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study and other spaces that you may spend a considerable time there.

Category #2 - Form Rules

Form Rules mean that regardless of the direction, if the following layout, orientation or form take place, it is a no-no.

  • Having a mirror inside facing the front door is a bad Fengshui move.
  • The mirror should never be facing the bed or reflecting the bed. Such placement may cause bad dreams, nightmares, feeling anxious or restless. In addition, it may also cause discord in a relationship by the involvement of a third person. 
  • With a mirror facing the stove, the fire element and the Yang energies would increase greatly. As a result, the Yin and Yang balance in the house may shift out of balance, and you may find that the house is not as comfortable as it once was. 
  • If a mirror is placed on the wall behind the sofa, that sense of security is lost and can easily attract petty people (小人). On the same note, the mirror should not be placed behind the bed head and stove too.
  • Last but not least, no spoilt mirror please! Throw away any broken or damaged mirrors because they are considered bad Fengshui. 

In conclusion, this is a general guide about Fengshui mirror placement for good luck and if you are still unsure, it is best to consult your trusted Fengshui expert to get better solutions to bring prosperity and good luck to your home.

Yeo Khoon Leong

Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author