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Feng Shui Tips for Dining Table


The dining room is a primary space in your home where people gather to share food, bonding and time.

In order to create a space that is conducive for that purpose – one of bonding – then we’ll need to turn our attention to the main player in the dining room: the dining table.

A symbol of family harmony

It’s a place where we gather to bond, share meals and celebrate, so it also represents your friendships, community and family connections. You want the energy in this part of your home to support these relationships and gatherings.

Whether you want to lessen family drama, create deeper friendships, or just create a cozy and supportive place for your household to have dinner together, here are a few ways you can apply Fengshui to your dining room.

Dining Room Table

Shape is one of the ways Fengshui practitioners use to shift the energy in a space. You can intentionally choose the shape of your dining room table to support a certain type of energy that you’d like to cultivate.T

A round dining table provides a sense of equality – everyone seated around the table is no more or less than everyone else seated around that same table (as opposed to the “head” of a rectangular table). Eye contact and conversation are improved with a round dining table.

A square or rectangular table is best if you’d like to invite in more stability and grounding, or if your goal is to have less drama in your family or friendships.

Big enough for everyone.

A table with insufficient space for all invited is as good as telling them they are not welcome here.

Be sure that the dining table can comfortably accommodate all diners. Sometimes, a change in the size of the dining chairs may help in this area.

Mirror or no mirror

Some Fengshui practitioners believe that when a dining table is reflected in a dining room mirror, prosperity is enhanced.

From my many years of practice, we have to be cautious when come to placing mirror around in the house.

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How about the wall color

If you’re deciding what color to paint the walls in your dining room, you can read this article for guidance >>

Choose a color that supports your intentions for how you’d like to use your dining room space, and make sure it’s a color that you like.


With these Fengshui dining room tips, you can bring more happiness and enjoyment into your life. Your family will have a place to gather and enjoy each other's company. Try these tips and let us know what the outcome was!