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Fengshui For Your Bedroom: Rules For What To Do and Don't

The bedroom should be a place of rest, romance, relaxation—and nothing else.

Since we tend to spend about eight hours a day in this sacred space, we should try to maximize its Fengshui to its fullest potential.

Before getting started...

We recommend a quick decluttering and energy clearing to remove any negativity in the air.

Consider diffusing Palo Santo, Cypress, Purification or Release to cleanse the space of negative energy. This will ensure that you have a fresh foundation on which to harmonize the bedroom's Qi (life force energy).

Now, let's go over the most effective Fengshui tweaks for your bedroom.

Bed Placement

Among Fengshui bedroom rules, bed placement is the most important one to follow.

The bed should be away from the door and facing it.

Also, the bed should be against a wall for support.

Where possible, your bed should be positioned near the corner of your room so it’s diagonally opposite the bedroom door. This provides distance from the door, and full view of the door. 

Placing your bed on the same wall as your door is thought to make you feel threatened, like someone might surprise you in your sleep.

Limit the Number of Mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom can seem like a natural fit for many, but Fengshui warns against overusing them.

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Is Under-Bed Storage Ok?

A common place for storage in the bedroom is usually under the bed.

In Fengshui, using the space under the bed as storage is considered clutter. Clutter produces stagnant Qi energy and it is usually the cause for sleeplessness, illnesses, loss of wealth, loss of jobs, loss of marriages and more.

Since we always faced space constraints issues, this space under the bed is exceptionally precious.

Therefore, if you want to use this space for storage purposes, here are a few Fengshui tips to help you reduce some of the negative effects that storing things under your bed creates.

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Bed Underneath Beams

Don't lie underneath a beam. This can cause illness because the beam is cutting across your body.

Also, avoid inviting threatening energy into the bedroom by keeping the space directly above your head free and clear.

Bed beneath a bathroom

Don't place the bed beneath a bathroom, especially the toilet bowl.

If your bedroom is underneath an upstairs bathroom, try to minimize use of that bathroom and make sure the bed placement is in a part of the room that is not under the toilet.

Bed above the kitchen

Don't set your bed above the kitchen. If you have no choice, make sure your bed is not located over the stove.

Avoid Water Features

While water elements can improve good Fengshui in the home, having features like fountains, artwork depicting oceans, rivers, etc. should be kept outside of the bedroom—they give off too much energetic Yang energy.


There are design rules that you must adhere to if you’re serious about Bedroom Fengshui. As mentioned, when lying in a high bed, you want to feel secure. 

When you reduce clutter, your space becomes a quiet place. You want to draw healthy Qi, this is why it’s important to avoid imbalance in your room, you will feel it. Negativity is harmful. and will limit your daily potential.