Yeo Khoon Leong - Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author

Fengshui - Truths, Myths and Misconceptions

If you want to learn more about Fengshui and how it can help, here are a few top Fengshui facts and myths that can help you clear any misconceptions you might have.


Demystifying Fengshui often involves speaking the truths to those misinformed.

You might have heard some of these common practices and beliefs in Fengshui, like having a mirror near the dining table, or using objects like tortoise statues to bring in luck.

Are they really true to the practice of Fengshui? Let us debunk the myths and reveals the truths.

#1 All a Fengshui consultant does is rearranging furniture and move a few items around.

It takes much more than just randomly changing the position of your furniture to instill good Fengshui.

You would be surprised how beneficial it is to correctly position an item such as a frequently used sofa or TV.

#2 Fengshui Trinkets are good Fengshui?

It's a huge misnomer. If a Fengshui remedy is required, then an everyday object can do the job. There is no need to import, buy or invest in an over-priced trinket. Most Fengshui trinkets are a commercial money spinner.

#3 Mirrors Double Energy

Some people believe that mirrors are used to double the energy in your space. This is misleading.

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#4 Fenghui and Interior Designing are the same 

The two are different disciplines but can work harmoniously together to bring out the best in a home for you.

While an interior designer focuses only on the aesthetical appeal, a Fengshui consultant applies Fengshui principles to work around your home and rearrange your placement to get optimal energy circulation without compromising on the aesthetic decor.

#5 Your Living Room Is More Important Than Your Bedroom

The rule of thumb is that if you spend a significant chunk of your day in a living space, then that space is considered important.

Typically, such space would include living room, bedroom, study and even kitchen.

#6 Shoe rack/shoes should not be near to main door

Another Fengshui myth or taboo is that shoe rack should not be place next to main door. The myth claims it will chase away the God of Wealth. If that is the case, where should we place the shoe rack then?

The only concern to me is hygiene and clutter. If there is a practice of good habits such as dusting of shoes and keeping the shoe rack well ventilated and uncluttered, then it is absolutely fine to be near the main door.

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#7 Fengshui can only be applied to the home?

Fengshui principles work the same for all settings. It’s ideally placed to benefit businesses - big or small, even applicable to your desk space or an online business! It can be applied to warehouses, shops, cafes, town planning . . the list goes on.

#8 Red door is good Fengshui

A red door is only beneficial in certain circumstances. In fact, if applied wrongly, a red door can have the undesirable effects.

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Now that you know all about the common misconceptions in Fengshui, you can surely use it in the best way to help you feel more positive, and have good luck coming your way!