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How To Usher In The Good Energies As You Move In?

Want to know 6 powerful tips that might turn your new house into a powerful magnet attracting abundance as you move in?


At last, your new house is ready. Your stuff is readily packed, and the whole family is feeling super excited to move into your new house.

Wait a minute! Moving to a new house is a big commitment so we’re sure you want to make it right.


Want to know 6 powerful tips that might turn your new house into a powerful magnet attracting abundance as you move in?

Before Moving In

Tip #1 – Select an auspicious date to move in.

As the saying goes…

Timing is everything!

It is important to seek professional help in picking a suitable date/time to move in. The essence of date selection is to avoid choosing a wrong time to move in.

What you actually want, is to usher in the good energies of the timing as you move in.

A Good Start is Half an Abundance Gained

Remember, date selection is always personalized to you and your family in relation to your house. A good date for you and your family may not be a good one for other families, even though we may be talking about the same house.

Tip #2 – Cleansing, purifying & empowering

Once the renovation is completed, it’s time to start cleaning up, and this is a great opportunity to supercharge your house!

Add 8 drops of Abundance and Joy each into your cleaning spray bottle and the pail of water for mopping the floor. In this way, you are coating every inch of your house space with high-frequency oils, turning it into a powerful magnet attracting Abundance of Joys!

This is an untold secret only a few knew. There has never been a better time to infuse high frequency and positive energies into your home!

Repeat this each time you do your regular cleaning.

This blend is specifically designed to create the Law of Attraction through enhancing the magnetic field around us and to put out a frequency charge of prosperity and abundance.

This blend promotes feelings of love, self-love, and confidence. It is a wonderful partnering oil with Abundance.

Tip #3 – Not your ordinary mopping water

For the first time you are doing a thorough mopping of the floor, follow this tip:

  • Add half pail of newly boiled water to half pail of tap water. This is what we called Yin Yang water.

  • Add a pinch of the rice grain to the pail of Yin Yang water.

  • Add a pinch of sea salt to the pail of Yin Yang water.

  • Finally, add in few drops of Cypress or Release essential oils.

Start mopping from the back or the innermost of the house and progress gradually to the front of the house and ending at the balcony or main door. This is to guide all the negative and stale energies out of the house.

Next, change the mopping water and add 8 drops of Abundance and Joy essential oils. This time, do the reverse mopping, i.e., mop from the main door in towards the back or the innermost of the house. This is to welcome and invite the positive abundance energies into the house.

Tip #4 – Free & Easy

Please note that all your “heavy lifting” furniture like bed, refrigerator, washing machine, sofa set, TV console can be shifted in prior to the auspicious day.

As for those with altar, you can set up the altar stand first prior to the move in date and you invite the “Gods” on the day of moving in.

The day of moving in should be “free and easy” for you and your loved ones. Well, not exactly empty-handed.

Prepare some groceries, food, rice and others to stock up the kitchen during the day you move in.

During Moving In

Tip #5 – Ride the waves of the good energies to move in

The time is finally here!

Minutes before the auspicious date/time, all family members should gather and standby outside the new house, together with the prepared items to be brought in.

The best way to ease away the waiting time is to dab every family members with Abundance and Joy.

At the auspicious date/time, the breadwinner should take the lead to open the door and lead the whole family in. Remember to say auspicious words and phrases as you step in.

After you step in, stock up the kitchen with the items you have prepared and you can start your family traditions or practices for moving in.

Do make sure that you and the family members have a good meal together and sleep for the night after moving in.

Tip #6 – Stay positive & jovial 

Remember, this is an important day for you and your family. You’ll want to get things going on a good start, so whatever you are doing, remember to:

  • Say positive words or phrases
  • Stay positive and be in a jovial mood throughout the day.


So, are you ready to usher in the Good Energies?