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Is door facing window bad Fengshui?

It is very common to find residential homes with the front door leading straight to a window or a balcony. Is this configuration considered bad Fengshui? 

The significant of front door in Fengshui

Fengshui places heavy emphasis on the front door. It is the mouth of the house.

It is where the house gets its intake of energy, whether they be good or bad. Having good energy coming through the front door is similar to a person eating healthy.

The occupants of the house will be happily enjoying a comfortable home that’s full of positive energy.

Avoid Window and Door Alignment

The reason you want to avoid this situation is because all good Fengshui wealth energy coming through the front door will easily escape straight through the window or balcony without having a chance to circulate the wealth energy flow into the house. With nothing to slow or redirect it, the energy will just rush straight from the front door out the window. 


Translating this effect into real life, it may mean that no matter how much you earn, you will spend every dime you make and you will have difficulty retaining the money or building up savings. You don't have the holding power.

Any remedy?

To remedy this situation, you need to redirect the wealth energy from the front door and spread it out. To do this, you can place a partition or screen between the front door and the window to redirect and spread the flow of the energy.


The partition or screen should be at least as wid and tall than the front door and about 4 feet inward from the front door in the house.


Alternatively, draw the portion of the curtain or blind to break the window and door alignment.


The basic idea in both these remedies is to interrupt the straight line running from the front door to the window or balcony. Just be sure that whatever you use to interrupt the direct line from front to back does not completely block the path of chi (or people) entering your home.


Determining the Fengshui of the front door is not a simple task but if you could get this right, at least it can help to strengthen your wealth holding power.