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Is It Bad Luck to Have Stairs Facing the Front Door?

The main door is said to be “The Mouth of Qi” in Fengshui. As this is the main opening of the house, most Qi is absorbed through this.

What happens when a staircase is facing the main door directly?

About the Main Door

In Fengshui, your main door is one of the most important parts of your home and it is where Qi enters from outside.

Hence, you need to make sure that it is properly set up and that the walkway and entryway are not blocked.

In that sense, you also need to consider the placement of the stairs. 

When Is a Staircase Facing the Front Door an Issue? 

If the staircase is directly in line with the door, this isn’t an ideal layout.  

The force of the Qi coming down the stairs overpowers the Qi entering the house from the front door.

This could bring roadblocks to your wealth. Your career path may also be more bumpy and have more ups and downs.

This setup affects income growth because of the roadblocks and headwind. 

When Is a Staircase Facing the Front Door Not an Issue? 

If the front door is a certain distance away from the staircase, then you migh not experience any roadblocks to your income growth.

It is best to have more space between the front door and the stairs to avoid the effects of bad Fengshui.

How much space do you need between the front door and the inside stairway? I suggest you consult with an expert or take professional Fengshui courses to find out.

Stairs Facing the Front Door OUTSIDE the House

This setup is when you see a staircase going downward to the road when you open your front door.

From experience, this setup affects your ability to preserve wealth. It does NOT affect your ability to acquire wealth though.

In other words, there’s a tendency for you to incur high expenses, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Quick Test

If the foyer or entryway feels open and expansive, it may not be a problem.

If you’re not sure, pay attention to how you feel when you enter the home. Does it feel comfortable and spacious, or tight and cramped? 

And if you think the entryway and staircase in your home may be an issue, get curious and ask yourself some questions.

  • How are your career growth?
  • What are your energy levels like?
  • Do you feel like your wealth and abundance are a little depleted?

If you feel like your answers to any of these questions could be improved upon, you might want to try a simple Fengshui adjustment, and see how it feels. 


There are a lot of superstitions regarding the exact location of the stairs and the entryway. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about stairway placement (inside and outside) so that you have better awareness what the stairs can or can't do to your house fengshui.