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What to do when you open the door of your new home for the very first time!


You’ve just collected the keys to your new home and you’re about to open the door… … Hold on a second! Is there something that you’re missing out?

I’m sure many people are usually very particular with “1st Opening Door”, “Commencing Renovation” and “Moving In”. What are the differences?

Which is more important

To me, from Fengshui and energies perspective, “Commencing Renovation” and “Moving In” are the 2 most important activities that need special attention and care in carrying out the activities. 

What About 1st Door Opening?

Many clients and students always ask me: “What about the first door opening?“. This is what prompted me to publish this article.

After collecting the keys to your new house, you’d be excited to check on your house conditions and start making renovation plans. As there is usually a limited time window for you to check and report the defects, you may not have the time luxury to pick a good date to open the door for the very first time.

If you know how date selection works, it is very personalized to the person, and hence, a good date is hard to come by. A good date to you, may not be a good one for another person (and vice versa). So, to pick a good date that suit all the family members can be very challenging, especially if you do not have time on your side. If anything, we should flip the approach to avoid the bad dates to open the door.  

So, in essence, there isn’t a real need for special date selection nor ritual for the 1st door opening. Having said that, if you already some some family or traditional ritual/custom for such activity, please follow it.

It’s Your Choice

For those who do not have any family ritual/custom to fall back on but want a peace of mind to choose an auspicious date and a ritual for “1st door opening“, you may want to follow this simple improvised “custom” imparted to me through word of mouth by some grand masters.

I’ve improvised it to bring in good vibrant energies as you open and step into the house for the very first time. Please note the improvised “custom” is not linked to any religion, and it’s purely from energies perspective.

The idea behind the improvised custom is a Chinese taboo belief that we should not enter our new house empty handed. So choose a good date for yourself (if time allows, or avoid the bad dates) and follow these activities to guide the stale negative energies out and invite fresh vibrant energies in.

Things to prepare

  • Huat Cake (发糕)
  • Sea or rock salt
  • Uncooked rice grain
  • Pineapple
  • Compass


  • When u reach your unit, knock on the door first then open the door.

  • As you open, say some auspicious words or phrases.

  • Roll in the pineapple and say auspicious words or phrases again.

  • Open all windows and doors to allow external air to come in and circulate around the house.

  • Sprinkle some sea salts & rice grains at all corners of the house to absorb the stale and negative energies.

  • Stand in the centre of living room, use the compass to locate the Northwest sector. Place the Huat Cake (发糕) there and say auspicious words or phrases.

  • Remember to clear the food, sea salt and rice grains after 1 or 2 days.

After this, you can proceed to do your look around and inspection.


This will complete the whole new house door opening ritual. Don’t forget the next important milestone and that’s the “Commencing Renovation”.