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Matrimonial Bed Setting Ceremony

Everything you ought to know about empowering your Matrimonial Bed.

The purpose of marriage is more than just love - it isn't something you get, but rather, it's something the 2 persons do as a wedded couple, it's the way the couple does things together to create the blissful future.

For most Chinese families, the ritual of preparing the matrimonial bed setting is thus considered an important wedding custom that shapes the future of the family and gives hope to the couple to bear more children. 

What exactly is Matrimonial Bed Setting ceremony?

Matrimonial bed setup (安床) is a Chinese wedding custom in which people decorate and set up the nuptial bed for the wedding day. It is part of the tradition that has been observed for many years.
This practice is considered a blessing on the fertility of the couple and will make them produce more offspring after they get married. Couples are said to spend their first night as a married couple on the 'setup' bed.
Getting married is a big commitment so we're sure you want to make it right. Here are some powerful and useful TIPS you could do to empower your Matrimonial Bed to harness the good and positive energies as you set it up.

When is the Matrimonial Bed Setting ceremony held?

It is important to seek professional help in picking a suitable date/time to set up the Matrimonial Bed. The auspicious date chosen is usually 1 or 2 weeks before the Chinese customary wedding.

The essence of date selection is to avoid choosing a wrong time to do it.

What you want is to usher in the good energies of the timing as you set up the Matrimonial Bed.

"A Good Start is Half an Abundance Gained"

Remember, date selection is always personalized to you and your spouse. A good date for you and your spouse may not be a good one for other couples, even though we may be talking about the same activity.

Where is the Matrimonial Bed Setting ceremony held?

The Matrimonial Bed can be set up in the bride’s or the groom’s home, or in their new home. Basically, it is where the newly wed couple will stay on the wedding night.

Getting a good quality night's sleep is one of the most IMPORTANT factors when it comes to maintaining a high level of vibration. Hence, it is important to seek professional help in picking the right supportive sector in the matrimonial room to place the bed. 

Who Does the Setting Up?

It is recommended that a 'good fortune' woman, one whose husband and children are all alive and has grandchildren, be chosen to set up the Matrimonial Bed.

This is preferably done by the groom’s parents or grandparents who can then pass their good luck and fertility to the couple. The rest of the family can also join in on the ceremony.

How to Set Up the Matrimonial Bed?

Usually, when the new bed is delivered, it is purposely tilted (not flush against the wall) so that it can be set up on an auspicious date and time.

On the auspicious date/time, the 'good fortune' woman will:

  • Make the bed with the new set of matrimonial bed linen.
  • Lucky items are to be placed on the bed, including things brought over from the betrothal gift ceremony, such as coconut, areca, red dates, red bean, green bean, dried longan, dried lychees, dried walnuts, and peanuts (that are still in their shells).*
  • Other special items like bedroom slippers, birthing tubs, face washbasin from the bride's dowry may also be needed.*
  • Shift the bed to flush against the wall to symbolize its setup. 

* These lucky items may vary according to different dialects' customs and practices. Please make sure to seek guidance on this from the elders.

After the bed was set up, children are invited to jump and roll on the bed to bless the couple with fertility. The more children, the more fertile the couple will be.

During the entire ceremony, it is strongly advised for the 'good fortune' woman and those present to say positive words and phrases. Some examples are:

  • 百年好合 (Blissful Marriage)
  • 早生贵子(Bless with Offsprings)
  • 白头偕老 (To grow old together)
  • 永浴爱河 (Forever in Love)

After the ceremony, no one should touch the bed until the couple has entered the bed chamber on their wedding day.

Remember to give red packets to the 'good fortune' woman and children for their help.

What Are the Taboos for the Ceremony?

After the ceremony, no one should sit or lie on the Matrimonial Bed until the couple enters the room on their wedding night. Hence, it is best not to allow anyone to enter the bedroom at all.

Another more traditional custom includes prohibiting pregnant women, or person who has just lost their family members, from entering the room during the first month after the wedding.

It is also believed to be extremely unlucky to leave one side of the bed empty during the first four months after the wedding as it is considered to symbolize death for either half of the new couple. 

How to Infuse High Frequency and Positive Energies

This is an untold secret only a few knew. There has never been a better time to infuse high frequency and positive energies into your home, especially the Matrimonial Bedroom

Before the ceremony

Before the new bed is delivered, it’s the best time to start cleaning up, and supercharge your Matrimonial Bedroom!


Mix half a pail of newly boiled water with half a pail of tap water. And add a pinch of the rice grain or sea-salt to the pail of Yin-Yang water.


Change over the water, add in 8 drops of Abundance and Joy essential oil blends.


Start mopping from the innermost of the room and progress gradually to the room door. Visualise you are guiding the negative energies out of the room.


Mop from the room door and progress gradually to the innermost of the room where you started. Visualize you are inviting good energies into the room.

Abundance Essential Oil Blend

Abundance™ combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

Joy Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend invites togetherness and is used adoringly by couples and families all around the world.

During the ceremony

Diffuse a mix of Abundance and Joy essential oil blends (5 drops each) during the ceremony as the activities mentioned above are carried out.

After the ceremony

Also, diffuse a mix of Abundance and Joy essential oil blends (5 drops each) for the 7 days after the couple enters the bedroom on their wedding night.
This step allows the oils to empower the whole bedroom to be highly charged to attract prosperityabundance, and joy.


Remember, this is an important ceremony for you and your spouse. You’ll want to get things going on a good start, so whatever you and everyone present are doing, remember to:
  • Say positive words or phrases
  • Stay positive and be in a jovial mood throughout the day.