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Essential Oil

The Empowering Essential Oils Protocol That Manifest What You Desire!

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We are glad to know you are very serious in finding out the untold essential oil protocol that help many successful people manifest what they desire.

This protocol consists of 2 easy steps and uses only 3 types of essential oils. Are you ready?

The 3 Essential Oils You Need

All you need to start attracting what you desire are just these 3 essential oils:

  • Specifically designed to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us.
  • Creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves.
  • Opens us to a wealth of possibilities.
  • Purifies the energy field, raises energy levels and creates feelings of security by grounding.
  • Prepares the person to attract and receive life’s abundance.
  • Used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • One of the key compositions in Abundance™.
  • Used here to accentuate the effects of the trio.

The 2 Steps

Now that you have the 3 oils ready, this is what you have to do daily:

Before Bedtime

  • Drip 1 drop of Cypress on your right palm and rub it on your heart in anti-clockwise manner.
  • As you rub on your heart, tell yourself you are releasing all the negative energies and thoughts that have accumulated in you for the day.
  • Feel the negative energies and thoughts leaving your body and your mind and not a single streak of negativity is left.
  • This step is important to empty your body and mind of any negativity and making space to attract and receive the next day’s positive abundance!

First Thing Before You Start The Day

  • Drip 1 drop of Abundance™, Orange and Cypress each on your right palm.
  • Mix them together and apply on the back of your neck and your stomach (clockwise manner).
  • As you do that, recite positive affirmations. This is very important as the oils magnify the thoughts you send out!
  • With the remaining oil on your palm (if any), rub it on your mobile phone.
  • With this, start your day telling yourself you are ready to attract and receive life’s abundance.

Before you go…

Do these 2 easy steps daily and you will find opportunities, good news, and things you desire come knocking on your door!

All the Best!

Live Right & You’ll Live Bright