Yeo Khoon Leong - Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author

Things You Ought To Know About Construction Works Near You!

Your Environment Is Your Mirror!


Construction works, road works, demolition works, excavation works, renovation works, etc, are pretty much a very common sight happening around us, especially in urbanized cities. While some of these activities may be minor, like roadworks, and they may be completed within a few days, some other major activities, like new MRT lines construction, building construction, etc, can take years!

Those staying in the vicinity are likely to suffer the inconvenience caused by the construction activities, like the noise & dust pollution, the unsightly views, the messy route diversions, and many others. Hence, most people feel negatively towards construction activities and this is what we called Negative Frequency.

Why is it happening

What people do not realize is that the appearing of construction activities around them appear for a reason. It’s really their own frequencies (aka vibrations) that attracted the activities!

So to the trained eyes, we are able to work backward, that is, whenever we see such construction activities around, we are able to tell how is it impacting the individuals staying in the vicinity.

It can impact different people differently ranging from having challenges in certain years, which family members facing the most challenges, specific health issues, and even career, wealth and relationship challenges.

Take A Look Outside

In our field of work, whenever we come across homes or businesses with major and multiple challenges, we were bound to see massive construction works in the vicinity.

Take some time to look around you on the outside when you have the time, be it your home or workplace. Any construction activities around?

If there is, try thinking back, have you been experiencing some kind of bad patches or challenges recently? The challenges can be anything from health, wealth, work, career, relationship, etc.

Food For Thought

Now, think about this, if you have bought a newly built apartment, are you eager to be the first one to shift in before your neighbors do?

Or, would you rather be the last one to shift in after all your neighbors have completed their renovations and shifted in?

What About Offices and Malls

Home aside, what about offices, shops, and businesses? What if a shopping mall is located right in the middle with construction activities all around it? What do you think will happen to the mall, its business and its operations?

We have come across many unfortunate cases like this. Just to cite one life case study, a new mega-mall opened for business many years back and they did that when there were construction activities all around it. Guess what, within days of opening, a series of unfortunate events happened to the mall. Bad events continued to take place and only gradually lessened when most of the surrounding construction activities got completed.

Micro environment

Of course, we have absolutely no control over our external environment! We can’t possibly stop the construction works! But don’t you think our environment is a perfect mirror reflecting the frequencies (aka vibrations) we are having now.

While we have no control over the macro environment, we definitely can do something to our microenvironment, vis-à-vis, inside our home, inside our room, etc, to protect ourselves and our family members.


The technique we used to help others to mitigate or harmonize the impact brought about by the construction works is known as Frequency Tuning. It is usually done in the house or offices to tune the frequencies of the microenvironment into a harmonious one. Do not attempt to do this on your own, if you are not trained. Get professional help, if needed.