Yeo Khoon Leong - Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author

Time To Renovate For The Better!

If you are planning to renovate your new house anytime soon, we have got a few powerful tips to share.

Might turn your house into a powerful magnet attracting abundance, might not.

Want to know?

Would it be ok if you could turn your house into a powerful magnet attracting abundance?

Many new proud homeowners are naturally very excited about their new house, hoping that with a new environment comes a good new start for the better!

We are sure they have plenty of awesome ideas how to design and renovate the new house and make over into their dream home. 

Do spare a moment to read on for 6 awesome tips you could do before, during and after the renovation to enhance and usher in good positive energies into your home.

Before Renovation

Tip #1 - Seek professional advice on the space planning of your house.

Unknown to many, you are what you attract, i.e., you tend to attract another house that is similar in frequencies with your previous. So, in short, you never have quite shifted house actually.

In order to break the cycle and to shape your own future, it is important to seek professional advice to guide you in the space planning and placement before engaging the interior designer.

Tip #2 - Select an auspicious date to commence renovation.

As you know, renovation usually involves massive hacking, dismantling, hammering, drilling and fitting up.

These activities severely disrupt the energies of the house making it very unstable. If the renovation commences on a day & time that is not suitable, the aftermath consequences to the occupants could be disastrous.

Hence, always seek professional help in picking a suitable date/time to start the renovation. The essence of date selection is to avoid choosing a wrong time to commence the renovation.

A Right Start is Half an Abundance Gained

Remember, date selection is always personalized to you and your family in relation to your house. A good date for you and your family may not be a good one for other families, even though we may be talking about the same house.

During Renovation

Tip #3 - A symbolic start is still a start

In the event, the renovation could not be carried out on the chosen date/time, you may consider undertaking a symbolic activity to mark the start of the renovation, e.g., hacking a section of the wall, dismantling unwanted cabinet or wardrobe, etc.

Once the symbolic renovation has been done, please ensure the actual renovation starts within a week, otherwise, a fresh date/time need to be selected again.

Tip #4 - Respect the prevailing energies

Do not start off the hacking or dismantling works at the sector of the prevailing year of any room. For example, in 2022, avoid Northeast sector. Please professional advice for the other years.

It is fine to commence the hacking or dismantling works with any other sector first before coming back to the prevailing sector. This is to ensure that the energies of the house and the prevailing year are not adversely disturbed.

Tip #5 - Infuse high frequency and positive energies into your home

This is an untold secret only a few knew. There has never been a better time to infuse high frequency and positive energies into your home! 

Add a bottle of Abundance and Joy essential oil blends into the final coat of paint for the walls. This step allows the oils to empower the whole house to be highly charged to attract prosperity, abundance, and joy.

Abundance essential oil combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

Joy™ is an uplifting blend of pure essential oils that creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart, inspiring romance and togetherness. 

After Renovation

Tip #6 - Cleansing, purifying & empowering

Once the renovation is completed, it's time to start cleaning up, and this is also another great opportunity to super-charge your house again!

Add 8 drops of Abundance and Joy each into your cleaning spray bottle and the pail of water for mopping the floor. In this way, you are coating every inch of your house space with high-frequency oils, turning it into a powerful magnet attracting Abundance of Joys!

Last but not least, fill the whole house with the high-frequency oils by diffusing 8 drops of Abundance and Joy each, as many days as you could.

Free for you!

Learn the powerful Yin-Yang Mopping Technique to usher in the positive energies right away.

It's time to change for the better!

Now that you've super-charged and empowered the house, you have, in fact, taken one big step forward in changing your life for the better.

So, which is easier for you, to continue doing what you have always been doing for renovation or start doing the 6 great tips to turn your house into a powerful magnet attracting abundance?