Yeo Khoon Leong - Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author

Where is the Money Area at home

To get prosperous wealth, the first thing you need to do is to locate the money area in your home.

What is Wealth Corner in Fengshui Corner In Feng Shui 

Wealth corner (also known as money area, money corner or wealth corner) involves the luck in making money of a family or an individual and is a place where the positive energy gathers.

There are many different approaches to find the Fengshui Wealth Corners in your home and today we will share one that is the more popular approach. 

Managing Your Expectations

Before we begin, let me manage your expectations.

First, finding the Wealth Corner is one thing, what you do with the Wealth Corner and how you activate it is another.

Sometimes, it can get pretty complicated. That’s why I frequently suggest that you consult with a Fengshui expert.

Second, wealth isn't just about money in your pocket, although sometimes it does. It can mean an abundance in necessities of life (food and clothing) and in your social relationships.

Wealth Corner Based on the Bagua

Your home is a reflection of your life, and the bagua is one of the tools that Fengshui practitioners use to better understand this connection.

Each of the sectors of the bagua corresponds to a particular aspect of life, such as knowledge, growth, relationships, achievement, career, and yes, even your financial prosperity.

The particular sector at the Southeast is called "Xun" in Chinese and is also known as the wealth or money corner. This sector relates to your financial wealth and abundance, as well as the prosperity of all kinds.

How to locate?

You can locate the center point of the floor plan and use a compass to divide the floor plan into 8 sectors like a pie.

If you have questions or are confused, I suggest that you find a Fengshui expert to assist you.

Switch on the Wealth Corner?

Once you’ve located the wealth corner, notice what’s happening there. Is it empty? Cluttered? Neatly organized?

Think about what this could represent symbolically. Maybe this area of your home is collecting dust and hasn’t been touched in months—could that correspond to an unwillingness to look at your finances regularly, or to make changes in how you value yourself?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to switch it on:

1) Fix or remove anything that’s broken

2) Add a healthy green plant to this area to invite steady growth in your finances or self-worth

3) Decorate With Green or Blue

4) Incorporate artwork with images of water

Missing Southeast?

It’s totally possible that your wealth area is missing.

For instance, if your floor plan is oddly shaped, or if it’s concaved or missing a section in the Southeast, then you do have a missing or weak wealth corner.

If the Southeast sector is missing completely, remedies are harder to apply. If that’s the case for you, you may be missing more than just wealth luck.

It’ll be wise to find an expert to remedy your home’s Fengshui.

Not seeing results?

Sometimes, there is something else going on that is hindering your wealth generating.

For example, you might not be making as much money as you want because you’re not in a supportive career, or you are lacking helpful people in your life who can help you attain your goals.

In such cases, it might be more helpful to focus on improving your career or inviting more helpful people into your life before working on the Wealth Corner.

A skilled practitioner can help you dig into the root cause of your challenges and figure out what would be most impactful to work on first.


Finding the wealth corner can become difficult and complicated when the floor plans and designs are extremely unique or extraordinary. In that case, we’d suggest you either find a Feng Shui expert to help you or read up or  take up courses so you can DIY correctly.